What is modeling

Nowadays, having fitness and in addition to being the concern of ordinary people in most societies, the owners of different clothing brands also need people to advertise in order to sell more of their products, and these people will definitely go to people with good fitness to make their products more visible. But why is fitness so important in modeling? And what characteristics should a person who wants to be modeled have?

But who is the model?

A model is a person whose job is to show a kind of physical state of the ideal human body in the field of art and business, and of course, designing and introducing clothes. The art of modeling usually means wearing and displaying new clothes designed by fashion designers and clothing companies. People who are more successful and famous in their work are called supermodels.

People who become role models for makeup, painting, sculpture, photography, and other visual arts are also called models.

Early in the industry, the introduction of goods and industries or whatever needed to be introduced was used by celebrities such as athletes and heroes, or in some cases by politicians; Until with special designs and macro policies of this industry became the promotion of different ideas, customs and policies of different cultures and countries.

Is modeling a good job?

Modeling is a lucrative job and its market in different countries is getting hotter every day and many people are working in this field. Many people have gained special fame and popularity in this way; But modeling is not a good job for everyone. So before you decide to model, stay with us

There are many difficulties with modeling in addition to the encounters that take place; For modeling, you must have the right height, weight, attractive face, physique and body style; Modeling has a specific diet and you can not eat any type of food; Also, eating sugar and fatty substances should be completely eliminated from the diet program for modeling!

Also, modeling should do her special exercises every day and have a regulated sleep; In addition to all this, a model must have a reasonable and controlled behavior when she achieves fame

Health and nutrition in modeling

Female models usually have to go on strict diets to lose weight. Sometimes models go to extremes for success, which in some cases puts their health at risk. In recent years, after the death of several young model girls due to malnutrition, social protests, especially by women activists, have intensified their living conditions and their adverse impact on society, and an anti-slimming campaign has been launched. In some European countries, laws have been passed to require models to have a medical degree.

Zero size model was rejected at Madrid Fashion Week in 2006; Although Italian designers such as Versace, Prada, and Giorgio Armani initially disagreed, a year later they were convinced by a British delegation of model health that Armani worked hard to prevent anorexia for ultra-slim models. After the zero-size ban, the American sizes 14 and 16 were announced as the slimmest sizes, and modeling under the age of 16 was also banned, and efforts were made to prevent the stress of maintaining the zero size and eating disorders among the models. In 2010, Victoria Beckham rejected the zero-sum model at New York Fashion Week, calling the 12 models too skinny. He stated that models should look fit and real and have energetic photos in order to have a positive effect on teenagers.

be careful!

Unfortunately, there are many bitter realities regarding modeling in Iran due to the lack of a clear mechanism. If you are planning to enter the modeling industry, you need to beware of scammers. Because it is possible that unreliable companies, as “foreign advertising companies” and with the intention of abusing you, especially female modeling, enter into contracts and provide inappropriate photos and content of them; You need to be vigilant in this regard and work only with reputable companies that also have the necessary licenses.